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Rental Housing Types and How to Read the Floor Layouts, etc.

Reading floor layouts

In Japan, floor layouts are expressed using such terms as "2LDK."

Room Layout (madori)


L = Living Room, D = Dining Room, K = Kitchen, S = Storage Room
1R = An apartment with a main bedroom that is not separated from the kitchen.
1K = An apartment that has a main room and a distinctly separated kitchen.
1DK= one bedroom, dining room, and kitchen.
1LDK= one bedroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen.
1SLDK= one bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, and storage room

The meaning of “LDK” and “DK” are almost the same. There are no set rules regarding the differences between them.

Bathroom in Japan

In larger apartments, bathrooms in Japan have a separate washing area from the bathtub.
The bathtub is only used to hold hot water. Washing of the hair or body is done outside of the bathtub in the washing area. First rinse off all of the shampoo and soap before soaking in the bathtub.
If more than one person will take a bath, the hot water in the bathtub is not drained and is used as is for the next person.

Wearing shoes in the house is prohibited

Japanese homes have a space at the entrance to the hall or room. Shoes are removed and never worn in the rest of the house. So be sure to remove your shoes at the entrance. You must not enter the rest of the house with your shoes on.

Bicycle parking space

Line up your bicycle in an orderly fashion in the designated area, such as a bicycle parking space. When there are rules, such as affixing a special sticker to the bicycle, these rules must be followed. For automobiles, a parking space must be acquired (there is often a charge for parking spaces). You must not park in even empty spaces in a parking area unless you have been given the right to park there (rented the space, etc).

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