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Post Move-in Residency Rules

Setting out the garbage

The process for taking out the garbage differs depending on the neighborhood in which you live. Rent Life will provide you with a schedule for the garbage disposal days and a guide to show you how you are to properly sort your garbage for your given neighborhood. Please be careful about properly sorting your garbage and putting it out on on the correct days to avoid making trouble with your neighbors in your building, neighbors in your neighborhood, and staff working for your apartment building maintenance company.

Caution regarding noise

In multi-family dwellings, sound travels easily to the neighbors or to the floors above and below, so be careful not to be noisy especially late at night or early in the morning.
For example, loud voices, parties, televisions and stereos, musical instruments, vacuum cleaners and washing machines, the sound of children running around, slamming of doors, and similar actions can often be noisy. So, be careful not to disturb your neighbors.

Living in an apartment

Japan is very humid (especially in the summer), so take care to air out the inside of the apartment. If condensation forms, wipe it off. Leaving condensation could cause mold and mildew to form and you will be held responsible for this.
Putting holes of any size in the walls of the alpartment is prohibited.

Using the kitchen

Do not wash grease or food scraps down the sink drain. Absorb the grease with newspaper or other material and put in the burnable garbage.
When cooking generates strong smells or smoke, turn on the exhaust fan and make sure the smell does not linger in the apartment.

Using the bathroom and toilet

Do not flush hair or other things down the drains in the bathroom.
Do not flush anything but toilet paper down the toilet.
You will cause your neighbors trouble if a drain or toilet becomes plugged and overflows. If you cause damage to the apartment below yours, you will be responsible for the cost of damage and repairs.

Using common service areas and balconies

In multi-family dwellings, the halls, stairs, and other locations outside of your building are common service areas. Do not place garbage or personal property in these areas. These common service areas are also used as evacuation routes in times of emergency.
Balconies might also be used as escape routes in times of emergency. Do not block the balcony partitions with any large or heavy belongings.

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