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Procedures and Contract Flow of Rent Life Apartments

Rent an apartment in 3 easy steps!!

Our properties are usually marketed for Japanese tenants following typical Japanese lease terms and processes. However, by renting an apartment under a Rent Life lease, many of the headaches faced by foreigners trying to rent an apartment are eliminated.
Renting an apartment under a Rent Life lease can be easily completed in only 3 steps!

Unique points of Rent Life's apartments

  • No Guarantor
  • No Guarantor Company
  • No Agency Fee
  • No Key Money
  • Furniture and Appliances included
  • Rent is paid by credit card each month
  • You can stay as long as you want
  • Full English Support

★ You can still rent our apartment, even if you are visiting Japan with a working holiday visa or student visa.
(You can stay as long as you want within visa validity period.)

★ One month’s rent for the last month will be debited from you card. At the time of the move-out inspection, rent for the number of days remaining will be prorated and refunded to you in cash.

★ At the end of the lease, the security deposit will be refunded minus the cost of the cleaning fee and any required repairs or replacement of damaged furnishings.


Search for an Apartment

Search for an apartment based on your criteria and budget

The best way to find a new apartment is to schedule an appointment to visit our office for a free consultation. After discussing your desires, needs, and any budgetary restraints, we will match you up with a few properties that most closely match your criteria.

If visiting us in person isn’t possible, you can view our listings online from your laptop or smartphone. Then, call or send an email to inquire about properties you're interested in. We'll reply with a cost estimate and unit details.


Reserve an Apartment

Only 2 items are required to reserve an apartment

1) Application Form

We will send you a cost estimate and a link to our online application form. Please fully complete the application form. A copy of your passport ID page and a valid visa will also be required.

2) Booking Deposit

We will send you a provisional contract after we receive your completed application, and the copies of your passport ID and visa.

* The provisional contract is exactly the same as the actual contract, which will be given to you when you visit our office to pick up your keys

Confirm the terms of the provisional contract. Then, open the link to the payment page to pay your booking deposit. Payment of the booking deposit is by credit card only.

* The remaining amount due must be paid in full by the lease start date. Payment can be made when you visit our office to pick up your keys.

The booking deposit (50% of 1 month's rent) will be applied to the contract fee and deducted from the total move-in cost at the time of signing the lease. In the event that you cancel your reservation, the booking deposit will not be refunded.

The apartment will be reserved for you once you complete the steps listed above.


Contract & Moving In

Contract: Sign the lease agreement and make payment

Make an appointment to visit our office during business hours on or before your lease start date. You will receive your copy of the original contract and sign it. Then, you will pay the remaining amount of deposit and your initial rent. Payment can be made in cash or credit card.

Moving In: Obtain your keys, Wi-Fi passcode, etc.

After the contract and payment processes are complete, you will receive your apartment key and will receive information regarding tenant rules, garbage disposal, Wi-Fi connection, etc.

Feel free to inquire about vacancies or booking a reservation.

Telephone inquiry

Business Hours:10:00 to 18:00(Except Tuesday & Wednesday)

Email inquiry

Make inquiry

Rent Life Co., Ltd.

Kaede Dai-2 Building 6F, 2-5-10 Shin-Yokohama Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa -

Please contact us by email if it's outside of working hours, and we will reply as soon as possible.


Business hours:10:00 to 18:00(Except Tuesday & Wednesday)

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